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Springbox Gallery, Portland, OR, USA


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Book presentation & signing

by Tom Schutyser

In collaboration with 5 Continents Editions and supported by Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Caravanserai - Traces, Places, Dialogue in the Middle East

Both photo essay and travelogue, this stunning volume documents the caravanserais of the

Levant region in the Middle East. Tom's powerful photographs are illuminated by

contributions from some of the most eminent writers, thinkers, and journalists specializing

in the Middle East and foreign relations. The result is an engaging new perspective on

both the history and current-day affairs of this region.

Photographs and texts by Tom Schutyser

Introduction by Andrew Lawler

Contributions by Reza Aslan, Rachid al-Daif, Robert Fisk, Dominique Moïsi, Paul Salem

(Bilingual English/French, English cover)

Documentary photography, B/W & Color



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Springbox Gallery

2234 NW 24th Ave

Portland, OR, 97201